Getting Ready for Winter

The first snowfall has come and gone. It’s time to make sure the outside of your house and your deck is ready for winter. Here are some key things you should check:

1. If you have an umbrella for you patio furniture or is sitting on the deck, make sure you put it away to keep it from being blown down during a storm and avoid rusting or frost damage.

2. Depending on the type of patio furniture on your deck, you should cover it up or put it away in the shed.

3. Make sure you garden hose is completely drained then store it away. If you do not drain the hose properly, it could rupture when it freezes.

4. Turn off the master switch to all your outside faucets. Once you turn it off, turn on the faucet and drain any remaining water.

5. Sweep off any fall leaves off the deck to prevent moisture from being trapped there during the winter.

6.  Hopefully your wood deck has already been stained or protected.  If not, it’s too late to do it now.  Wait until spring and clean, sand and stain your deck to protect it from further deterioration.  This is even more important for cedar decks.

These are just a few tips to help you preserve and protect your deck and winterize your outdoor space.

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