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Getting Your Deck Ready for Spring

For every seasonal change, it is important for home owners to prepare themselves accordingly. Home owners who love the idea of hosting parties will often end up fretting about how to prepare their deck and patio areas for the season. Spring, summers and the end of autumn are a good time to host outdoor parties. However the first step you have to do is get the deck ready so you can enjoy the sunshine.

If spring is around the corner and you are contemplating a few parties, it is time to spruce up your deck. During the long winter, your deck would not have been used very much. Yes, if you want to prepare your deck and get it Spring-ready it can take a bit of time depending on what your deck is made of.  Here’s what you can do.

Clean, Clean, Clean

First off, it is important that you clean the deck thoroughly. Depending on the kind of dust and dirt accumulation you will have to decide what method to use. If there is just some lose dirt all around, a thorough sweep with a hard bristle brush will do the trick. If there is moisture collected or fungus and mould around, it will help to use special solutions on the wood and furniture surfaces or sometimes light sanding will be required. You can also use a power washer.

Stain it Again

If your deck is anything other than compose or pressure treated, you probably need a light coat of stain again at least on the horizontal surfaces where it is exposed to more direct sun and foot traffic.


Change the Furniture Around

Your deck furniture needs to be maintained just like your indoor home furniture. If spring is in the air, you will want to sit out on the deck more often. In order to spruce things up you can either move the furniture around, give it a new look or buy additional pieces. The deck furniture set should include proper seating chairs and tables to put plates and glasses on.

Potted Plants

Your deck would look brighter with a few plants around. Purchase some outdoor plants when spring begins so that the plants will bloom and grow as the weather warms. Place them in your built-in flower box or scatter them around the deck. It will add some natural colour and life to the deck area.


Most people do not spend the time looking for decorative items for the outdoor deck.  It’s amazing what some of these little things can do to the look of your deck.  Try adding some interesting pieces of arts and crafts, pots, or statues for the deck.  This will make your deck more like a true inviting outdoor living space.

Avoid Clutter

Many people end up putting things they don’t use over the long winter months or otherwise on the deck. When the season changes, the deck area ends up looking cluttered. First off, avoid using your deck as a dumping ground no matter what the season. Second, store away kids toys and gardening tools in a storage bin, garage, or neatly in the house.  This will keep your deck from becoming cluttered.

Now, if you don’t have gorgeous deck with plenty of outdoor living space for you and your family to lounge around, give us a call.  We’ll come over to your home for a free no obligation design consultation.

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