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Building Your Toronto Deck

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Designing & Building Your Deck

Every Toronto home can have its own charm which can be enhanced with an attractive deck design. Decks are not merely extensions of wood and nails for pleasing the eyes, but depiction of creative acumen for designing a place to relax and unwind.

You can build a deck outdoor in the garden or place it as an extension to the house, either way as the space permits or you would like to have it.  Building a deck just outside your living room or kitchen will be as satisfying if you put it in the garden flanking the water pool. The whole essence is making a match with the landscape and a matter of consensus of the members of your family.

Your home has a distinct scope of augmenting the beauty and utility of adding a deck.  You always have a splendid place to spend leisurely time or can design it as a party space to keep the crowd out as well as serve the guests easily. These point out to what your exclusive needs are based on the purpose. If the purpose is a place of private relaxation, you can go for relaxing furniture, Jacuzzi and a screen around to enhance its usage. You will be fully justified in deciding to put a good music system, attractive lighting, a fireplace, provision for barbeque and adequate outdoor furniture if you want creating the deck for partying.

Evidently Toronto decks are designed with a particular objective in mind. Of course, it costs money to create attractive space of raised platforms, but it will be misconception to think of wasting the money.  Decks are smart use of available space in your courtyard or the garden. As the first principle of designing and building a deck, professionals try to create an ambiance of the deck with the surrounding. For instance, designing multi-level deck attached to the building in a hillside home are exquisitely attractive, whereas flat decks look good if it is positioned in the garden and positively in seaside homes.

Provided space permits, it is better to build the deck facing south to receive maximum sunshine. Then again, the positioning depends on surrounding of your home. Placing the deck in north may offer you a grand natural view while the south of home may provide a blocked view of flat hillside; the professionals will certainly suggest positioning the deck in north side or see if it is feasible to position it a garden to enjoy both – the panoramic view of north and the sunshine.

You can make out various possibilities of designing a deck exist according to your space, purpose and choice. The cost of deck building Toronto as such depends on your choice of style and the size.

What's Different About Building Toronto Decks

What’s difference between building a Toronto deck vs. elsewhere, you ask?  Besides the obvious building permits and bylaw differences there are several other factors that makes building a deck in Toronto unique.

First is the lot size.  Toronto homes tend to be smaller therefore decks must be designed with space in mind in order to maximize the square footage and provide homeowners with the maximum outdoor living space.  Space saving techniques such as multi-level decks or more open decks can help make the deck feel bigger and more airy.

The second biggest difference is our climate.  Toronto can be quite hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.  This means the material you choose must be able to withstand the big swings in temperature throughout the year.  Pressure treated lumber is ideally made to withstand the harsh and changing climates in Toronto.  However, even with its chemically treated surface, staining is recommended to help preserve the wood and beautify your Toronto deck.  The changes in climate is also more demanding in terms of wood or composite material expanding and contracting.  The Toronto deck builder must compensate for the movement of the wood so the deck will remain strong and last.  This mean allowing space between wood for expansion and using screws strategically in in key joints so as to minimize movement.

When build properly by a knowledgeable professional builder, Toronto decks can last just as long as anywhere else in the world but with the sophistication and design that can only be found in Toronto.

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