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Deck building requires a high level of expertise that professionals with years of experience can provide. Beaver Brothers Deck Builder is one of the renowned companies capable of delivering exceptional decks you can use for several decades. Our decks remain in the best condition for a long duration because we use our knowledge and professionalism to make them durable.

Our top-rated Toronto deck builder take pride in improving homes in the King City area, focusing on developing custom decks that bring you value increment. We do not limit the kind of materials you can use. Our experience with cedar, IPE, pressure-treated, or composite wood ensures we do not disappoint you, no matter your preference. You get great attention to detail, excellent comprehensive services, and a courteous but professional team.

  • We include our clients throughout the projects. You describe what you want then we create the perfect deck to match your vision.
  • We have the most competitive prices in the King City region. You get incomparable quality craftsmanship at an affordable rate.
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Why Choose Our Deck Builder in King City


Experience is essential for a builder as it can help define the work quality. We have a proven track record you can rely on to gauge the quality of our work. We pride ourselves on using our extensive skillsets from years of service to create enviable decks that improve the visual attraction of a property and its value.



Strict policies and adherence to the highest quality standards are some reasons we have become a top name in the deck-building sector. We aim for quality from the footing to the finishing, making decks that can serve you in tip-top shape for an extended duration. We never use questionable materials or trial-and-error methods. Expect nothing but excellence from us.

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We do every job perfectly to maintain our stellar reputation. We put in the seriousness every task requires to give you outdoor living spaces you can proudly showcase and share with your family. We do not underestimate any job, no matter the scope. Feel free to check our testimonials for further proof of our solid reputation.

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Wear and tear are fundamental considerations when dealing with decks. We try to factor that into our designs, enabling us to build decks less susceptible to damage. Our expertise in design helps us cater to the needs of diverse clients. Whether or not you already have the inspiration you want, our innovative team will work with you.

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Our decks come with a three-year warranty, showcasing our belief in our prowess. We are sure our talented, innovative, and well-trained team can build decks that do not fall apart prematurely, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. We are the go-to experts for a stress-free exterior improvement project. Our team will sort you out whether you want to build a new deck or any other fixture to create usable space.

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Our customers are the reason our business thrives. We are here to serve you with our passion and commitment to brilliance at the forefront. We maintain communication throughout the project, updating and engaging you to ensure every phase is as perfect as you envisioned. We do not charge exorbitant fees to enable every homeowner in King City to access high-calibre decks.

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How to Choose a Deck Builder in King City

Several factors are worth considering when searching for a good deck builder. Examples include professionalism – you can determine that by the way the contractor answers your questions, quality – usually showcases in their previous works and attention to detail that should be evident in the contract. A written contract can provide more information that you need about a builder. For instance, an agreement written in detail shows transparency and expertise. You can determine the number of materials for the job and their costs. A good deck builder will also create a schedule and stick to it. Experience is also essential as it provides the peace of mind you need, knowing that your builder has done similar projects successfully. However, not everyone claiming that they have experience does. That means you should consider all the factors above instead of focusing on one only.

Beaver Brothers Deck Builder is your answer if you need reliable services that will not fail you.

Independent Deck Builders vs. Large Companies

The most common choices when choosing deck builders are independent contractors, which can be in small or large companies. Although some contractors in either category can disappoint you, you can compare the two by considering their merits and downsides before hiring them.

The first merit is the skillset, which should not be confused with the duration of the company’s existence. Just because a company has been around for a long time does not mean they have the experience you require to assure you of superior results. They may not have enough in-house builders to meet your expectations, meaning they hire outsiders without confirming their expertise level. Such arrangements only benefit the companies and not the clients. You could get a deck that falls apart soon after installation, leaving you with expensive repair costs and possible replacements.

Another focus-worthy area is the specific carpenter handling the job. The designated professional should have what it takes to complete the deck expertly while accommodating your needs, such as changes you may desire to make mid-way. Most sizeable companies do not appoint a specific person, meaning you will not have a contact person if you want to make adjustments or report an issue. The chances of meeting your expectations are minimal in such a scenario. The case may differ with independent contractors.

The smaller companies do better because they do not have or follow the same structures as the big enterprises. Their customer service is always better because you interact one-on-one with the builder, sharing your requirements and expectations for the ultimate deck. Dealing with smaller companies is also easier as they strive to make the processes seamless for the client. You will know who to hold accountable when the job is complete, another reason independent small companies endeavor for greatness.

That said, you can be sure of superiority when you hire us to build, repair, or replace your deck. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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We hired Beaver Brothers Decking to redo our backyard deck and they did an amazing job. They are experts at what they do! They have an eye for the small details and they are committed to perfection. Over the duration of the project, they kept their workspace tidy and safe which is really important for us because we have two dogs. We are beyond satisfied with the finished product. Now we can finally spend time in our backyard and enjoy it. Superb dudes!
Amber Bennett
- Aurora
had Beaver Brothers Decks construct a new deck. The best contractor I've ever worked with was Anton. He and his brother were attentive to our issues and suggestions while keeping to the timeline. The cost was a little steep, but it was well worth it. They were organised, professional, and courteous. The final deck exceeded expectations.
Juliana Strenga
- Aurora
What do you want in a deck company? First, professionalism. Beaver Brothers (BB) arrived on time, every time. No broken promises, no last minute calls saying "something came up". Anton, the lead builder, impressed me at first meeting, showing up with details about materials, timing and other things I had not considered. Once committed, his team was exemplary – again, on time, deck finished just as he pledged. Second, quality. The workmanship is first-class. From personalized selection of lumber to the little touches that we could not anticipate – BB Decks delivered in spades.
John Huckle
- Aurora
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