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Are you looking for an all-in-one company to service your deck? You are in the best place. We have served various homeowners exceptionally for over 10 years and have only improved our competence. Our top-rated Toronto deck builder dedicates expertise and know-how to giving you elegant decks that last longer in perfect condition. We aim to advance your home’s aesthetics while giving you the ultimate value for your money. We follow a well-laid-out and proven method that guarantees the best returns on investment.

Our specialization makes us stand out. We can handle any material, meaning you get your preferred style stress-free. We can deliver whatever you like, whether cedar, IPE, pressure-treated, or other exotic hardwood material. We take it a notch higher by helping you select a suitable material when unsure.

  • We make custom decks according to the unique needs of every individual. You do not conform to conventional designs if you want your deck to stand out.
  • We adhere to the highest quality standards, translating to unparalleled craftsmanship.
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Why Choose Our Deck Builder in East Gwillimbury


10+ years in the business have helped us become a renowned company in the industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and can build a deck that matches your exterior design. With our skills, your deck will stand out from all the others in your neighbourhood. Every installer we have has undergone extensive training.



10+ years in the business have helped us become a renowned company in the industry. We prioritize customer satisfaction and can build a deck that matches your exterior design. With our skills, your deck will stand out from all the others in your neighbourhood. Every installer we have has undergone extensive training.

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Our deck-building skills are unmatched. That is one reason we have built a solid reputation that we strive to maintain. Our contractors do not take chances with clients’ properties – we give outstanding customer service at the best rates. We do the job right the first time. After we finish, you will not call us with issues related to poor installation.

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We believe in our capabilities, but that does not stop us from keeping up with the latest trends. We refresh our skills regularly to give you innovative solutions without costing you too much money. We excel in installations and repairs. Our team works cohesively to ensure the job progresses smoothly without undermining your requirements.

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We guarantee superiority because of our level of expertise. We strive to surpass client expectations or at least meet them. We keep communication lines open after completing the job to ensure you get any assistance you need afterward. We always listen and respond accordingly, even if it involves a few modifications to improve the deck.

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We start every project with a clear goal – turning your exact vision into a reality. We also try to give you a memorable experience, preempting issues and putting the correct measures in place to mitigate them. We avail solutions before any problem worsens. That enables us to save you money and avoid the stress most people associate with exterior home improvement projects.

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How to Choose a Deck Builder in East Gwillimbury

The builder you hire determines your experience, possible profitability, and the money you spend creating the deck. That is why due diligence is always necessary. Proper research before signing any contract can save you from stressful installations or repairs that do not bring you the value you deserve.

The availability of numerous deck builders makes the search more challenging. That means you need a working method you can use to pick the most suitable one. You can focus on critical factors such as experience level, cost, know-how, and the assurance they might give. Determine how long the contractor has been in business and similar projects they have handled successfully. You can check examples of previous work or talk to some clients about their satisfaction rate.

Remember, Beaver Brothers Deck Builder has everything you need to enjoy an unmatched deck-building experience. We are well-trained, have specific technical know-how, and treat our clients respectfully.

Independent Deck Builders vs. Large Companies

You can always hire an independent contractor from a large company when probing for a builder. Knowing the difference enables you to pick the better option, ensuring you do not make a regrettable decision. Both options have their pros and cons worth deliberating on before deciding.

Companies may have the advantage of more resources, but the name may not matter when considering the quality of work. The individuals handling the job determine the level of craftsmanship, meaning you should focus more on individual capabilities and not the company brand. Consider the possibility that a company may subcontract the work instead of using an in-house crew. That may make follow-ups more challenging because none of them may be willing to take responsibility for the mishap. Companies may not be upfront in telling the exact person to do the job, meaning you may not know the master builder or who to approach if you want to make changes midway. The chances of a large company charging you more are higher – they may have a bigger profit target.

Individual contractors also have their disadvantages, the top of which is possibly limited resources. They may not have the same resources available in companies. However, hiring an individual contractor also has numerous advantages. For one, the contractors usually have more experience they use to build outstanding decks. That is why you may find someone with extensive experience building decks in a company founded recently. Individuals also charge lower rates than large companies, even though they can deliver superior decks. An independent builder will not subcontract the work. Securing the job means more referrals, meaning they do not disappoint clients.

Tip: When comparing large companies vs. independent contractors, focus on the expertise of the person who will do the actual building. Remember, time does not necessarily show the capability of a deck-building company. Other factors like client reviews also matter.



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We hired Beaver Brothers Decking to redo our backyard deck and they did an amazing job. They are experts at what they do! They have an eye for the small details and they are committed to perfection. Over the duration of the project, they kept their workspace tidy and safe which is really important for us because we have two dogs. We are beyond satisfied with the finished product. Now we can finally spend time in our backyard and enjoy it. Superb dudes!
Amber Bennett
- Aurora
had Beaver Brothers Decks construct a new deck. The best contractor I've ever worked with was Anton. He and his brother were attentive to our issues and suggestions while keeping to the timeline. The cost was a little steep, but it was well worth it. They were organised, professional, and courteous. The final deck exceeded expectations.
Juliana Strenga
- Aurora
What do you want in a deck company? First, professionalism. Beaver Brothers (BB) arrived on time, every time. No broken promises, no last minute calls saying "something came up". Anton, the lead builder, impressed me at first meeting, showing up with details about materials, timing and other things I had not considered. Once committed, his team was exemplary – again, on time, deck finished just as he pledged. Second, quality. The workmanship is first-class. From personalized selection of lumber to the little touches that we could not anticipate – BB Decks delivered in spades.
John Huckle
- Aurora
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