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We have the answer if you have been searching for unimaginable quality, the best prices, and customized fittings from a dependable deck-building contractor. Beaver Decks is top-rated Toronto deck builder, that is suited to tackle all your needs, including deck installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our goal is to give you decks you can enjoy with your loved ones without worrying about your safety or wondering if they add value to your property.

Several elements help us stand out in the deck-building sector. Our extensive training, skill sets, friendliness, and ability to keep up with the latest trends are some of them. We also follow policies that enable us to treat our clients with utmost respect and commitment, meaning we do not leave your deck unfinished or deliver subpar services.

  • We follow a customer-centric approach. We explain the processes, update you as the job progresses, and share professional tips on maintaining your decks.
  • We handle every aspect of the job in-house. Our building crew has everything you need for stellar results, from the ability to work with various materials to devising custom designs.
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Why Choose Our Decks Builder in Aurora and Newmarket


Experience has taught us that the ultimate value lies in balancing functionality and visual attraction. We never give up one for the other. That way, our clients are sure that the decks will serve them longer while in the best condition for aesthetics. You can trust our decade-plus years in the industry to give you value for your money.



We approach every deck-building project with longevity in mind. We endeavour to give you decks that can serve you longer with minimal maintenance effort. We understand the toll that natural elements can take on such fixtures and do our best to make them less susceptible to damage. The highest quality is our assurance.

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Our attention to detail, customer-centred policies, training, friendliness and problem-solving skills have enabled us to build a good reputation we do not intend to lose. Those are the same factors that have made us a trustworthy company in Aurora. We also use our vast knowledge base to create unique decks that never disappoint our clients. The proof is in our reviews.

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Our design team has specialized in crafting exceptional decks that stand the test of time. We specialize in transforming existing outdoor spaces into usable areas that serve your current and future needs. We tailor each design according to specific requirements and intended use. The personalization ensures you get a functional space that makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable.

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We can assure you of up to three years if we install your deck. We are sure about adherence to excellence and do not run from our craftsmanship.
We assure you that your deck will remain in top-notch condition for longer when we are through – repairs will not be necessary. We make them resilient and resistant to outdoor elements.

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We intend to forge lasting relationships with our clients, which is only possible through excellent customer satisfaction. We personalize our designs to match your style and maintain a friendly but professional attitude when interacting with our clients. We will follow your vision to create an outstanding design, followed by a high-calibre building process.

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How to Choose a Deck Builder in Aurora and Newmarket

The search for a deck builder you can trust is not straightforward if you do not know the qualities to focus on. The numerous options available in Aurora and Newmarket can overwhelm you during the search, but proper guidance can simplify the process. Since we care about our clients and take pride in sharing expert knowledge, we bring the following guides.

Attributes of a good deck builder are effective communication, technical mastery, and outstanding skills. A good contractor will not rely on word-of-mouth as a binding contract but is willing to issue a comprehensive written agreement outlining all the nitty-gritty information of the project. Adherence to safety codes and assistance with permit acquisition also sets a good deck builder apart from all others. A contractor with all those features and experience in the deck-building industry will not fail you.

Finding a builder with all those attributes takes time and effort, but the results are always worthwhile.

Independent Deck Builder vs. Large Companies

Building decks is not simple – it requires extensive training and experience from years of practice. That is why novice carpenters cannot achieve the same quality as savvy builders. Despite the training level associated with the job, you can learn some components of building a deck from hands-on experience. That is why skill is vital when picking a builder.

Two categories of deck builders are available in Newmarket and Aurora. You can choose large companies or independent contractors who have smaller companies. It helps to remember that experience should not be limited to the number of years they have been in the industry. Instead, check the expertise of the carpenter assigned to build your deck. That is most critical when you choose a renowned company. Sometimes they subcontract the job, sending you a less experienced team that creates a below-standards deck.

Contrary to popular belief, larger companies neither have all the resources to promote quality craftsmanship nor do they charge lower prices. You may pay more without the certainty of a durable deck.

Dealing with independent contractors may be more straightforward than with large companies. The individuals usually have more to prove as they do not have the backing of a big brand name. Retaining clients seems to be the goal as they strive to expand their businesses. They take responsibility for the work and are often willing to listen to your complaints. You remain in contact with the master builder, communicating regularly until your expectations are met.

Remember, deck building is art – a contractor only becomes better at it when they handle more projects. The job experience enables the builders to diversify their knowledge in deck designs, structuring, making decks that withstand weather elements, and various decking materials. We have professionals that are skilled in those and more. You can contact us for more information or consultation.



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We hired Beaver Brothers Decking to redo our backyard deck and they did an amazing job. They are experts at what they do! They have an eye for the small details and they are committed to perfection. Over the duration of the project, they kept their workspace tidy and safe which is really important for us because we have two dogs. We are beyond satisfied with the finished product. Now we can finally spend time in our backyard and enjoy it. Superb dudes!
Amber Bennett
- Aurora
had Beaver Brothers Decks construct a new deck. The best contractor I've ever worked with was Anton. He and his brother were attentive to our issues and suggestions while keeping to the timeline. The cost was a little steep, but it was well worth it. They were organised, professional, and courteous. The final deck exceeded expectations.
Juliana Strenga
- Aurora
What do you want in a deck company? First, professionalism. Beaver Brothers (BB) arrived on time, every time. No broken promises, no last minute calls saying "something came up". Anton, the lead builder, impressed me at first meeting, showing up with details about materials, timing and other things I had not considered. Once committed, his team was exemplary – again, on time, deck finished just as he pledged. Second, quality. The workmanship is first-class. From personalized selection of lumber to the little touches that we could not anticipate – BB Decks delivered in spades.
John Huckle
- Aurora
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