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Deck Building in Aurora

If you are considering building a deck in Aurora, Ontario, you should contact the city for specific zoning by-laws in regards to deck building.  Whether you apply for a building permit is up to you but it is very important to ensure that your deck is built according to zoning requirements to prevent potential removal or reconstruction in the future as well as personal safety.  Please note Decks less than 2 feet above finished grade do not require a building permit, however, they must comply with the zoning requirements.

Below is a summary of key points you should be aware of from the Aurora Zoning By-law for all Aurora decks.  These points are meant only as general guidelines and may not reflect the latest and complete zoning by-laws.  You should contact the Town of Aurora for a detail outline of the latest zoning requirements for your property.  Copies of the deck building zoning requirements can be obtained from the Town of Aurora Building Services Division. Please contact zoning staff at (905) 727-3123 extension 4390 / 4394.

We have also included a copy of the Aurora Zoning Guide for Decks, Balconies, and Open-Sided Roof Porches, current as of December 2013.

The town of Aurora has requirements for minimum setback as outlined in Section 6.48.1 of the Zoning By-law.  Decks built in Aurora must also meet maintenance easement requirements. If you would like to obtain the registered maintenance easement document, please visit the Land Registry Office located at 50 Bloomington Road West, 3rd Floor, Aurora, Ontario.  Their telephone number is 905-713-7798.

As well, Aurora decks must comply with encroachments and minimum distance separations as specified in Section 6.48.1 of the Town of Aurora’s Zoning By-law #2213-78.  You can view details of the requirements in the document mentioned above.

Other by-law requirements for Aurora decks include requirements for building a privacy screen and  minimum separation between properties for townhomes.

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