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Welcome to Beaver Brothers Deck Builder. We are a full service custom deck building company servicing Toronto and surrounding area, including Richmond Hill, Aurora, North York, Markham and even as far north as Barrie, Muskoka and deep into cottage country.  Beaver Brothers, also known as BB Decks was founded nearly 10 years ago in Toronto.  Our mission is to build quality custom decks that will not only beautify your home but last. We offer competitive deck building prices that will provide you with some of the best value for your money. At Beaver Brothers Decks, we are experts in working with a broad range of decking materials, including pressure treated, cedar, ipe, composite decks, and other exotic hardwood.

Our Deck Building Approach

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How to Choose a Deck Builder in Toronto

Once you’ve decided it that you want to build a deck to extend your outdoor living space, the next step is to find the right Toronto deck builder that can build it for you.  Like most other home improvement sectors, there is no shortage of deck builders in Toronto.  The difficulty is how do you decide which contractor to go with and which one is the most suitable for your needs.  Just about everyone that you come across will claim that they are experienced and knowledgeable with great prices.  Obviously everyone isn’t.  We’ve all heard of horror stories about contractors, whether it’s a Toronto deck builder or some other type of contractor.  We’ve compiled a list of factors that should ask the professional before finalizing your decision.

Independent Deck Builders vs. Large Companies

The first question you should always is how long have you been building decks.  Deck building is an art form not a science.  It takes time for the carpenter to learn and master.  While time along is not an indication of how good a Toronto deck company is.  It can help you weed out novices who does not have the benefit of experience to understand the implication of the different deck designs, structure, decking materials, and how it will age as it weathers.  These are all things that can only be learned through experience.  Now, experience does not mean how old the company is.  What is important is the experience of the main carpenter that will be building the Toronto decks.  This is especially true when considering larger companies.  It is easy for a homeowner to be enticed by a large company.  After all, larger companies became large for a reason and generally offers better quality, workmanship, and pricing.  So you wold think.  This is true in most other sectors.  However, when it comes to an art form like deck building, the opposite is true.  Bigger companies for the most part will subcontract out jobs to individual deck builders Toronto.  Often, these subcontractors are sub-par which is why they will take a sub-contract job instead of securing jobs on their own.  Also, with a larger company, it is very difficult to know who the master carpenter will be that will be building your dream outdoor space.  With smaller independent Toronto deck companies, their pricing is generally better since it is not marked up like big deck companies.  With the right independent builder, the quality and workmanship is generally much better as they care.